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Awesome Supplements for Mercury Detox

September 15, 2011

There’s this box I’ve had for years, a big blue cardboard shoebox that has been with me since I lived in the city. It’s the box where I stored my supplement collection.

When I started out, it held everything. All the herbs, tinctures, capsules, vitamins I ever tried lived in this box. And then, as I got sicker and needed to take more and more supplements to control my symptoms, this box wasn’t big enough. My collection overflowed to a shelf. And then to a second box. And then to a third. And then to keep track of things, I added a separate bag for the supplements that went into my pill minder every week.

That was at the height of chelation, when I was taking fistfuls of capsules with every meal just to hang on. At one point, I was on 20 different supplements, taking 44 capsules a day, and that didn’t even include chelation doses, which were an additional 16 capsules a day when I was on round.

These days, I take 8 different supplements a day, a grand total of a mere 10 capsules. It may sound like a lot to someone who has never been sick, but to me, it feels like freedom.

But even on this pared-down supplement regimen, I still had all these boxes of supplements hanging around the house. The other day, I decided to do something about it. I decided to purge.

First, I threw away everything that was expired. Believe me, that was a lot of stuff. There were so many things I tried, used for a week, gave up on, and threw into my supplement box and never looked at again. Then I tackled the stuff that wasn’t expired, but I truly was never going to take again. DHEA that made hairs sprout on my chin? In the bin!

I consolidated all my half-bottles of ALA and vitamin C. I found a friend who would take some unopened bottles of Adrenal Cortex off my hands, and suddenly I found that the important box of supplements I’d been carrying with me for years was a rattling, almost-empty, smelly box of nothing.

It had to go!

I can’t express the satisfaction I felt when I found space in my supplement drawer for everything that was left–everything fits in one drawer now, incredible!–and broke down that box and threw it in the garbage. It was one of those throw-away-the-crutches kind of moments. It made me laugh out loud.

And yet, looking back over all those little bottles that helped me so much, I want to pay tribute to them somehow, to say thanks. And so, I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts about supplements I’ve known and loved. I’ve decided to call it “Awesome Supplements” because that is what they are. Stay tuned for love letters to Magnesium, Adrenal Cortex and other fabulous symptom-busters that helped me win the war against mercury…

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  1. September 15, 2011 10:28 am

    Mazel tov! I’m very happy about this because every time the cover of that blue box was lifted, a stench of cramp bark wafted out that made me want to throw up. What a happy day for everyone! : )

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