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I’m a non-secretor!

July 1, 2012

My teeth were such a mess when I was a kid. My baby teeth were brown and rotten by the time they fell out. And then as a teenager, I had eleven mercury filling placed in the space of a month. Until recently, I never really questioned the sorry state of my teeth very closely. I just blamed it on the fact that I was addicted to sweets and couldn’t be bothered brushing my teeth regularly.

But in the last few months, I learned some very interesting new facts about people whose teeth are prone to cavities…

It all started when I went to the doctor for my annual physical in the Spring. She drew my blood, I learned about my abysmal ferritin levels which you can read about here, and I asked her if she could shed some light on my last lingering mercury symptom–a fungal rash called tinea versicolor that appears on my skin intermittently and gets very pronounced if I eat sugar.

Being a holistic doctor, she had lots of good suggestions–wearing breathable fabrics, washing my clothes daily etc–but I was disappointed to hear nothing new. Not only had I heard all of these suggestions before, these were all practices I carried out to a T in my everyday life and still this damn fungus lingered.

“There is one thing you could look at,” she said. “People who have no luck with all this stuff, sometimes they get a result when they try the blood type diet. Do you know your blood type?”

I didn’t and so she added it to my list of blood tests and I went home and Googled “blood type diet”. Soon I started to read some very interesting books by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, the naturopathic doctor who has written extensively about the blood type diet.

So it turns out that my blood type is A+. D’Adamo says that people with blood type A should eat a mostly vegetarian diet with very little red meat and a strong emphasis on whole fruits and vegetables, beans and healthy grains. I looked at the diet sheets and saw a pretty near approximation of the diet I cobbled together myself through trial and error while I was sick with mercury poisoning. (Just as a contrast, people with blood type O are supposed to be eating tons of red meat and poultry and hardly any grains at all–a diet I’ve been told numerous times to try to curb my yeast issues, but never ever considered trying, it felt so wrong for me–now I know why.)

I started incorporating some more of the type A dietary suggestions into my diet as I read these books, and instantly felt a noticeable change–I felt less hungry. I wasn’t tempted to overeat because the foods I was eating felt satisfying. They also were helping to heal the lining of my gut.

One of the big issues that D’Adamo talks about in his books is the little-known fact that different sets of foods are known to irritate the digestive system of each of the four blood types. As a type A, for example, I’m supposed to stay away from potatoes, because a particular chemical in them reacts negatively with my blood type–harsh news for an Irish spud-eater like myself, I’m still coming to terms with it 🙂

As I read more of D’Adamo’s material on blood type, I kept coming across this distinction he made between what he called ‘secretors’ and ‘non-secretors’. There was a test, apparently, that could tell you if you were secreting your blood type antigen into your bodily fluids (a good thing that would help you stave off bacteria and other nasties) or if you were a non-secretor who genetically lacked that first line of defense.

Reading about non-secretors here and here, I got a sinking feeling in my gut. This beleaguered minority were more prone to dental cavities because their saliva lacked the antigens that helped kill oral bacteria. And they had a devil of a time fighting off candida and other fungal infections that secretors killed off effortlessly.

“I know I’m one of those,” I said to myself as I ordered the secretor status test. “I just have to be.”

At the same time, I was really hoping that I wasn’t. Being a non-secretor isn’t something you can change. You can’t cleanse it out of you. There isn’t a supplement or drug you can take for a year that’ll flip you from being a non-secretor to a secretor. It’s a genetic flaw. It’s for life.

And of course I have that flaw. I’m a non-secretor.

It really bummed me out when I got the result of that test. Up to now, I’ve really believed in my bones that everything wrong with my health is fixable. It’s a pretty reasonable of me to believe this, given my track record of fixing a really large number of seriously intense symptoms with chelation. I’ve been getting stronger, better, healthier, faster, with every hurdle I’ve overcome and now, splat, it’s not a hurdle, it’s a genetic brick wall I’ve run into.

Can you tell I don’t like this non-secretor thing even a little bit?

Yeah, it sucks.

Tune in next week for more whining, plus the outcome of my visit with Dr. D’Adamo at his clinic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn…

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  1. July 2, 2012 7:53 am

    Yeah. I’m a A+ non secretory, too. Still plugging along with chelation after a pretty bad setback with hidden amalgam under some crowns.

    • Paul N. permalink
      June 9, 2013 11:56 pm

      Another A+ non secretor here, been to hell and back with mercury fillings had 10 out in 1998 and still deal with symptoms when detoxing, Cant use any supplements over the counter or prescription without a negative reaction. Have to do everything as naturally as possible with teacher genotype diet and lifestyle. Finally did the secretor status test back in Dec. 2011 got results back in Jan. 2012, started to cry and had to call my wife to let her know. Been a hell of a toxic ride since 1985, multiple doctors never got any help, 44 years old and startin to get it figured out. From personal experience know that non secretor status has significant implications for health, from mercury toxicity to candida and problems with food and chemical sensitivities. An understanding and supportive wife and the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are the only reasons Im still here on this rock. My wife and I never could have children Im sure because of health issues, many nephews and a few nieces though, have done my best to make sure my siblings don’t let them get poisoned. Nonnies are tougher than the rest we gotta be in this toxic modern world. Good luck, God bless.

      • Cassandra permalink
        June 22, 2013 1:22 pm

        Wow; my life story, ditto. A+non-secretor Teacher as well now following Swami plan (Thank you Dr. D’Adamo!). Mercury toxicity – yes! Cleared of it finally using liquid zeolite from my DC, but so many other issues. COPD, osteoporosis, adrenal fatigue, H. pylori. Ugh, it gets old! But, what else can we do but keep on pluggin’ away at it! Started tai chi – I can actually do it (not well, but it’s something I can do at 56 yrs and feeling way older.)
        Good luck Paul N – I feel ya!

      • Sandra Kelly permalink
        June 30, 2013 9:26 pm

        Hi Paul

        Would appreciate some of your wisdom regarding recovering from having mercury fillings removed. I had mine removed April 2013 and am now struggling with my digestive system.

        I am a O type non secretor and live in Australia and follow the D’adamo diet but do not have any information on how a non secretor can gently and effectively remove these toxins. I have tried detoxes suggested. They are all to harsh.

      • Cassandra permalink
        July 3, 2013 2:28 pm

        Sandra, I used liquid zeolite for mercury & fluoride toxicity and did not find it too harsh for me (non-secretor as well).
        Found this website which is a lot of info on zeolite: . As far as brands, I used Waiora and then switched to one made for my DC. This website supposedly has only information and isn’t selling anything. I did not investigate it very far tho’. Not sure what would be available to you in Oz. Best of luck!

      • Paul N. permalink
        July 8, 2013 1:32 am

        Hey Sandra,

        Started using zeolite waiora brand also but with my sensitivity and problems with elimination I used 1/2 drop in a foot bath to start and worked up to a full drop in warm water not over 100% F for 20 minutes every other day it seemed to be helping.When I was soaking I would get a strange pulling sensation through my lower legs and feet. I got the zeolite from a friend who is going through detox and she had the same intestinal difficulties with elimination I do. Heavy detox orally tends to slow my elimination intestinally and makes me miserable so the foot bath is the safest way. She told me one bottle is enough to detox three people with the foot bath method so its the most economical way. Used just enough water to cover up my feet and then rinsed them after with a pitcher of warm water into the foot bath. My friend told me not to use water too hot because over 104%F the mercury can vaporize and you can breath in the vapor. I haven’t been detoxing for awhile but I know its time to start again. The best way I found for cutting the dose in half drops was 5 drops zeolite and 5 drops water mixed in a small glass gold vile shaken up to mix, one full drop is now a half drop of zeolite, it gave me a few treatments until I could handle 1 full drop. Others now are using this method and seem to be getting results and have worked up to 4 drops. As I stated above I have to be very careful otherwise detox gets really uncomfortable for me. Hope this helps.

        God Bless,

        Paul N.

  2. July 3, 2013 8:50 pm

    The And.y Cutler protocol for chelating mercury.

  3. robyn bechaz permalink
    August 1, 2014 9:46 pm

    Hi i;m also blood type A nonsecretor and i wish i had never found out ,because now i’m very anxious about dying young (ive read articles where its said type A non secretors av age is mid 60s ,now im 54 and smoked for 34 yrs so am i destined to not live a long life .would love to here from others on this ,as im in Australia and not a lot of info

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