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When I read mercury stories, I am overcome every time by the endurance and hope in the heart of the person sharing their experience. I feel honored to gather these stories on my site, and I’m proud to count myself among those who have faced down mercury toxicity and won. Click here to read the opening pages of my story

If you have a mercury story to share, or want us to link to your website or blog that discusses your personal experience with Frequent Dose Chelation, contact



Death Metal

My long battle with mercury poisoning began my sophomore year of high school, shortly after I had 3 “silver” fillings placed. It wasn’t until I was almost 24 that I would learn these fillings are composed of 50-70% mercury. The first noticeable symptom was fatigue and hypoglycemia… Read More

Mercury Poisoning Effects

Born 6/28/1947 in Potsdam NY.
I took very good care of my teeth, and yet had a much higher than average number of fillings, root canals and crowns… Read More



Mercury and More

After a ten-year quest to understand my twenty years of health issues — vision problems, increasing fatigue, intolerance to fragrances and fumes, digestive problems, and daily spells of acute physical and cognitive dysfunction — I read Amalgam Illness:  Diagnosis and Treatment, a technical book on chronic mercury poisoning by Andrew Cutler… Read More

Greg’s Story

When I was at my worst I was desperately looking for stories of recovery that could give me hope to get better. Although I am not 100% I have improved greatly and perhaps my story can let others know that there is hope in getting better, even if it takes a long time…Read More

KD Ironside

If you are catching up, I had a lifelong set of symptoms of mercury poisoning, I just didn’t know it. By the time I was 42 years old, I started researching online to try and sort things out. I tried taking a little bit of cilantro, having read that it gets rid of the mercury… Read the blog

Reject Mercury

I have created this journal to log my progress with the detoxification of mercury in my system. It all began a little over 5 years ago when I received amalgam fillings for some dental restoration work. After the amalgams, my health deteriorated and has continued to do so ever since… Read the blog

Rebecca’s Story

My father’s dentist said that all my Indian dental work was sub-par.  “Look,” he said, showing me the x-rays, “See how round and irregular these fillings are.  In the States we do nice squared off fillings.  You should get these all redone.” So I got eight amalgam fillings drilled out and replaced with more amalgam: no rubber dam, no suction, no oxygen….no nothing! Read more



Mercury Babies

I chose to put this page out there for all those who have no answers. For the parents who have felt like I did. Who felt hopeless, lost and didn’t know what could be wrong with their child. They know something is, and no one seems to believe them.  You keep asking for help, seeing doctors, searching for answers, but nothing comes… Read the blog

Grayson’s Story

We experience lots of “stuff”, daily.  Most of this stuff has never been diagnosed officially, with the exception of Grayson’s Sensory Processing Disorder, although doctors have thrown around a few words like “mild Aspergers” and “possible PDD-NOS”… Read the blog


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