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Getting the Mercury Out

I thought I was dying of a disease that nobody could name…

It’s hard to understand how awful mercury poisoning can be, until it happens to you. Four years ago, I got sick with a mysterious illness. I searched everywhere for answers, but found none. A sense of dread settled over me, I felt sure I was going to die.

And then I found a spark of hope. I came across people online, talking about symptoms just like mine. Everything fit, it explained everything. At last I had found a name for my mysterious condition.

I was suffering from mercury poisoning, I had gotten it from my silver amalgam fillings

Even though my fillings were gone, I still had mercury inside me, making me sick. I traveled the long road to recovery, guided by the words of wisdom of other mercury toxic people. Their posts and emails helped so much, but books were my lifeline. I desperately wanted to read a full-length book written by someone who had suffered the way I had suffered.

I promised myself, if the mercury monster ever stopped chewing on my brain, if I could ever sit up and think and feel and work again, if I ever got well, I would write that book. I would give to others my story so they could see that it is possible. Mercury poisoning can be cured. There is light at the end of the long long tunnel.

I am so proud to share my story with you

“Áine Ní Cheallaigh emerged stronger and healthier from this real life horror story because failure was not an option, and success was her very life. In writing Getting the Mercury Out, she succeeds where others have fallen short because she pressed through the waterfall of numbing and confusing scientific data, and put a very vulnerable, human face on the disease.”

Salem West,

“As a fellow-mercury poisoned reader, I knew I would identify with her, but little did I know that I would connect with her experiences on so many different levels…By page 9, I was already hooked.  I felt as though I could feel her words coming from my very own mouth…”


Getting the Mercury Out: A Recovery Memoir
Published by Capsule Press
210 pages
Paperback and Kindle editions

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